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Wireless Trainer Cable FAQ


Q1: Is RadioLink wireless trainer cable compatible with transmitters of other brands?

A: Yes.Only if the transmitter has the trainer function and the paired receiver supports PPM signal output, then it's compatible.


Q2: How to use wireless trainer cable?

A: Please check below link


Q3: How to verify if the wireless trainer cable is connected with success?

A: Power on the transmitter and the receiver and toggle the SWH switch of the primary transmitter and activate the mix control function in the menu of TRAINER.Then the trainer function is on and secondary TX  is able to control the servos connected to the primary TX. Toggle the SWH switch to turn on or off the trainer function.If it's off, the secondary TX won't be able to control the primary TX.

Note Whether the trainer function is on or off with different positions of the switch depends on how pilots personalize the setting.


Q4: What if the trainer function cannot be activated?

A: After the binding of all the primary and seondary TX is done,set the trainner function from INH to OFF. Then toggle the SWH switch to set the corresponding positions to turn on and off the trainer function.


Q5: Why secondary TX fails to control when toggling the SWH switch after the trainer function setting is done?

A: 1) Make sure if the binding between the secondary TX and the RX connected to the wireless trainer cable is done with success.

2) Check if the signal output is PPM. If it's RadioLink receivers (R6DS,R6DSM,R12DSM,R8EF,R8FM) used, the PPM signal is with red led always on. For the other receivers, please refer to the corresponding user manuals.


Q6: Why do I have to keep holding the SWH switch when activating the trainer function?

A: Enter the menu of the primary TX- Basic Menu- Trainer- Mode- Change it as TRIGGER. If it's RadioLink AT9S that you are using and you cann't find this option, please upload the firmware to V1.7.8 or above via


Q7: Can the wireless trainer cable be connected with other device?

A: The output voltage of wireless trainer cable is limited as 5V with the power of 200mA. So it only supports receivers and no other device possible.


Q8: Is the wireless trainer cable compatible with car/boat models?

A: Yes and make sure the paramters of models controlled by primary and secondary TX are the same. The function of the wireless trainer cable is related to the signal output of TX and RX and has nothing to do with model type. Because TX is necessary  to support the trainer function while RX for the PPM output.

Note RadioLink pistol grip radios currently do NOT support this trainer function.