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Welcome to Radiolink Company website, hope you can spare a little time to read following message and you will know more about us.

First of all, we highly appreciate for your long-term concern and support, and I extend a warm “thanks” for your support during RadioLink developing period. Hope our products can bring you much happiness for your life. But during this company growth process, we all know that because of our lack in experience and knowledge we may hurt some of our supports, here I sincerely appologize for this, and if you have any problem about our product, please feel free to contact us and we will try everything we can do to resolve it.
Network Era draw us nearer, Information Technology makes us communicate easier. And at this electronic information era, Radio Link Company website would like to be a window, a bridge to bring you more instant information. We sincerely accept your criticism and adopt your suggestion to provide you more efficient service, hope Radio Link will always be your reliable friend&partner.
Shenzhen Radio Link Co., Ltd was established in Septermber 15th, 2003, in the first few years our main business was to design and provide complete electronic products hardware and software solution for electronic manufacturers. Meanwhile, in 2007 Radio Link launched our own brand model aircraft electronic equipment, and registered trademark both in China and European Union. Relying on our own technical progress we make products get continuous improvement and upgrades
Radio Link company went through the hard and difficult starting period, now we have stepped into the develping stage. During this growth process we have accomplished matter and technology accumulation, which will be the firm fundation for constructing competitive work team. We also realize that to a technology fundamental company, the most important thing is the consistant accumulating research and development platform rather than one or more popular products. With our biggest asset – current R&D platform, we will insist on creating value with contenuous technology innovation.
Human resource is the most precious asset of a company. Radio Link Company adopts human-oriented management concept, take common goal and company figure as primise, tries to create a good working environment, encourage staff work in personalized effective way, provide their the chance and platform for a much promising development. I always appreciate the independent, responsible and self-disciplined colleagues, with these character they could confront work difficult in face and overcome it. They knows to enjoy the sense of defeating the problem, which makes me believe they will enjoy work and final leads to enjoy their life.
Adhering to the concept of developing domestic model aircraft field, RadioLink will continuously deliver model aircraft series electronic products, developing from enry level to high-end step by step, to win high reputation all around the world. To achieve this, we will introduce more creative staff to our R&D group, and expand our management team. While accumulating the fixed asset, we will pay more attention to the establishment of the development platform and the set-up of a good brand image, enterprise culture, enterprise image and other intangible assets.
On behalf of Shenzhen Radio Link Co., Ltd I thank you so much again for your trust, support and help from all sectors of the society. And thanks for the tiredless effort of all staff! All our RadioLink staff will provide quality product and quality service as always, and look forward to cooperate with you in the near future!

                                                                                                                                    Xie Bo, General Manager