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Q1: What's the input voltage of COOL9030?

A: The input voltage is wide range from 7.4V to 18V with the constant current as 90A.



Q2: Why my CL9030 can't  be activated?

A: Check if the input power is higher than 18V or if the voltage of a single cell is lower than 3.2V. If  it is, ESC will automatically stop working to proetect the device.


Q3: How to calibrate ESC COOL9030?

A: oweronthetransmitterandmodelbutdontturnontheESCpower.
oweronthetransmitterandmodelbutdontturnontheESCpower.1) Power on the transmitter and the model but don't turn on the ESC power.

2) Turn on the transmitter and make sure binding with receiver completed.

3) Trigger the throttle to max and press the ESC power button at the same time. The blue and green leds will flash with two D sounds from motor, meaning it's ready for calibration.

4) Toggle the throttle to maximun then minimum then back to center and press the Working Mode Switch of ESC once. There will be two D sounds from the motor then a long D sound to notify.

5) When the green and blue leds are off, red led is always on, it means throttle range calibration is complete.


Q4: How many working modes does COOL9030 ESC have?

A: There are totally three modes. Car Mode, Racing Mode and Boat&Tank Mode.


Q5: Why can't my rc car move backward?

A:  Check what working mode it is. The always-on green led means Racing Mode is activated and the car can forward and be braked to a stop. But NO backward possible.


Q6: How to switch the working mode?

A: Press the Working Mode Switch once and the three working modes will change in turn with corresponding led on and D sound.

CAR Mode: One D sound and RED led is always on

RACING Mode: Two D sounds and GREEN led is always on

BOAT&TANK Mode: Three D sounds and BLUE led is always on  


Q7: Does COOL9030 have a low voltage protection function?

A: Yes.To enable the function, long press the ESC power button, a D sound will be heard and the green led flashes once means low voltage warning is enabled. When the voltage of a single cell is lower than 3.7V, a constant D sounds will be heard from motor to warn. When it's lower than 3.2V, the ESC will automatically power off.