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RadioLink Pixhawk V4.0 Firmware Upgrade


Notice about RadioLink PIXHAWK V4.0 Firmware Upgrade


On Dec.29, 2019, ArduPilot officially upgraded firmwares of multirotor, acrobatic and car to version 4.0 with modification to the internal sensor driver, which result in the malfunction of internal sensor of some RadioLink PIXHAWK and there maybe no response when doing the compass calibration.



1. Connect the PIXHAWK to a GPS with compass

  Because it is the internal sensor driver modified with the V4.0 firmware and the external sensor remains. It will

solve the issue if the PIXHAWK works with an external sensor.


2. Keep using the firmware V3.X instead of flashing V4.0

Double click to download firmware V3.X of corresponding models and upload to Mission Planner

Multirotor 3.6.12 firmware

Acrobatic 3.9.11 firmware

Car& Boat 3.5.2 firmware



Note If the progress bar moves when calibrating the compass, it means the RadioLink PIXHAWK is compatible with firmware V4.0.