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minipix Mission Planner & Firmwares


Mini Pix Mission Planner & Firmwares


1. Mission Planner Download

1) the latest Mission Planner from  RadioLink for Mini Pix


2)  the latest Mission Planner from ArduPilot for Mini Pix




WinZip (design by 360, free)

If you have not WinZip Tools to decompressing upgrade files, please click to download and install the free WinZip Tool 


How to install the free WinZip Tool designed by 360



2. Latest Firmware Download


The Latest Firmwar for Mini Pix 
Version of Mini Pix V1.1/V1.0II V1.2/V1.0

Models from Radiolink from Radiolink open-source
for NuttX for ChibiOS
For Multirotor v3.5.8 v4.0.3 v3.5.8 v4.0.3
For Fixed wing v3.8.5 v4.0.5 v3.8.5 v4.0.5
For Helicopter v3.5.8 v4.0.3 v3.5.8 v4.0.3
For Car&Boat v3.4.2 v4.0.0 v3.4.2 v4.0.0
For Submarine / v4.0.1 / v4.0.1
/   /  
For Radar Tracker / v1.1.0 / v1.1.0
/   /  
Note: The previous version of v4.0, please upgrade by MissionPlanner from Radiolink.Version above v4.0, please upgrade by MissionPlanner from ArduPilot.


Comparing with the open source firmware, firmware developed by RadioLink has better syability with the software filter algorithm added.


MiniPix Firmwares(Open Source Applicable)