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AT9S/AT10II Display Restoration Firmware


Since AT9S/AT10II launched, the LCD panel has been upgraded several times and the drivers for the latest and old LCD panel are different. The latest new firmware is only applicable for the latest LCD panel. If your radio is with previous LCD and has upgraded with the latest firmware or is with the latest LCD panel and upgraded with previous firmware, there would possibly be problems with your LCD display like reversal or inversion or turning blank with leds on the transmitter flashing.  This abnormal display can be restored by repairing the firmware with the driver.


If you encounter the display probelm mentioned above after you upgraded the firmware, please open the battery cover of your radio and check the production date printed on the small label pasted in the battery holder. It's a group of digits under the bar code. Starting from the left, first digit is "the year", second and third digit is "the month" while the forth and fifth digit is "the day". Example is shown as below:



There is a firmware to solve the subnormal display problem of AT9S or AT10II respectively. You need to identify the suitable one depending on the production date of your radio.



=> V1.2.9S(9488) for products before Aug.2017 (production date)

=> V1.2.9S for products after Aug.2017(production date)



=> V1.3.0S(1) for products before Aug.2017(production date)

=> V1.3.0S(2) for products after Aug.2017(production date)

If the production date unfortunately can't be seen clearly, please kindly try both firmwares basing on your radio model. Restoration can be done with firmware upgrading for one time. Please stop upgrading the firmware once the display is normal and you can continue to upgrading other necessary firmwares.



1. The above firmware are ONLY for LCD panel restoration. If you don't enconter such display problem, please DO NOT upgrade these firmwares.

2. If you have change the LCD panel or main-board after purchasing AT9S or AT10II, please always take the production date of  LCD panel into consideration instead of that of the whole product, which is in the battery holder as mentioned at the beginning.

For example: If you just purchased the new accessory like LCD panel recently from us, the upgraded firmware of restoration you need is the one applicable to the products manufactured AFTER Aug.2017. If it's mainboard you changed, then should be BEFORE Aug.2017. No matter what production date is printed under the barcode in the battery holder.