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RC4GS & RC6GS Firmware upgrade

RC4G&RC6GS Firmware Upgrade Guidance

1. Identify the suitable firmware
a. If your computer works with the system of WIN 7 or XP, please choose the firmware file with .bin at the end.
b. If your computer works with the system of WIN8 or WIN10 or MAC, please choose the firmware file with .mac at the end to upgrade.
2.Download the corresponding firmware to your model from the below links
3.Connect your radio with the computer with a USB cable and your radio will appear as an extra disc on your computer
4.Click YES as the window pops out when connected to format your radio
5.Once done formatting, your radio(the extra disc) should be empty
6.Copy the latest firmware and past it in your radio(the extra disc)
7.Once finish Step 6, disconnect your radio from the computer and power it on

RC4GS Firmware upgrade:

Factory Default Firmware: RC4GS_RadioLink_bin_5b85_V_3_0_8.mac(bin)

Please be kindly noted that the firmware V3.0.8 by factory setting is the fundamental one that can realize all basic controls. It’s NOT beacause Radiolink is selling the old version products in stock.


Factory Latest Firmware: RC4GS_RX_RadioLink_bin_2f50_V_6_0_1.mac(bin)


With the firmware V6.0.1, RC4GS is capable of model battery voltage telemetry and subsidiary ID besides the dual mix control function

Note Receiver R7FG is needed for these functions of  telemetry and subsidiary ID.



RC6GS Firmware upgrade:

Factory Default Firmware(3-way switch Only): RC6GS_RadioLink_bin_ecad_V_3_1_5.mac(bin)

Please be kindly noted that the firmware V3.1.5 by factory setting is the fundamental onesthat can realize all basic controls. It’s NOT beacause Radiolink is selling the old version products in stock.


Factory Latest Firmware(3-way switch Only):  RC6GS_RadioLink_bin_1d15_V_6_0_0.mac(bin)

With the firmware V6.0.0, RC6GS(3-way switch Only) is capable of model battery voltage telemetry and subsidiary ID besides the dual mix control function.

Note Receiver R7FG is needed for these these functions of  telemetry and subsidiary ID


Factory Default Firmware(2-way switch Only): RC6GS_RadioLink_bin_899F_V_3_1_33.mac(bin)




Programmable Dual Mix Control,Infinite Use

Enjoy all twin-engine ship/car models (incl. Crawlers)
USB port within reach easily upgrade the latest firmware to support programmable dual mix control setup


USB Upgrade

Only a android USB cable needed, latest firmware can be obtained effortlessly with the most advanced system and program.


Programmable Dual Mix Control

Any two channels can be mixed and
programmed and variables are adjustable, handy!