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Radiolink FAQ

Q: Does AT10 without USB port can upgrade?

A: No.


Q: Computer notice that format when upgrade AT10, when connected to PC to format AT10.  

Q: How to upgrade AT10

A: AT10 upgrade steps:

Attention: AT10 upgrade firmware only support win7 and XP now.

1. Connect your AT10 via USB to your computer, two lights red and green are shining alternately.

2. Turn on your AT10.

3. It appear like disc on your computer.

4. Format original files(Format original file means format the transmitter files when you bought. For example, your AT10 is the version V1.0.3, you want upgrade to the version V1.0.5. Then you have to format the file of V1.0.3 , and then copy the file of V1.0.5. So the file V1.0.3 is the original file).

5. Copy upgrade file, just red light on while upgrading.

6. When finished upgrade, two lights red and green are shining alternately again.

7. Put off USB cable and turn on again, two lights red and green are shining three times simultaneous and then on means upgrade successful.

AT10 Firmware Upgrade Video:  

Q: How to install both right and left sticks back to the center position automatic ?

 A: The install steps:

1. Open the shell of the AT9(just need loose the four screw first). 


2. Put the hook and spring part which come with AT9 when you bought on the plastic stake. 


3. Hitch the spring on the preforming and the transmitter.



4. Remove the shrapnel. Let right and left is the same.  

5. Close the shell.

6. Calibrate sticks. Push both END and PUSH both at the same time and turn on the transmitter to in the calibration menu. Follow the calibration hint steps. Then, done!

Q:If only AT9 support PPM signal ?

A: Both AT9 and AT10 can work with R6D, R10D and R9D.

R10D only can output PWM signal.

R9D can output SBUS and PWM signal.

R6D can output PPM and PWM signal.

Two operating modes output of R9D:

1) PWM output: Red LED indicates PWM mode, 9 channels totally.

2) SBUS output: Blue LED for SBUS, CH9 output PPM signal, and channel 1 to channel 6 output independent PWM signal simultaneously(1 to 4 row pin output CH7 to CH10 PWM signal, 5 and 6 row pin output CH5 and CH6 PWM signal), 10 channels totally(like this picture). 

The details of R6D:

 R6D is the smallest 6 channels receiver of Radiolink.

 R6D can output PPM and PWM double signals simultaneously, powered with DSSS and FHSS frequency-hopping technology and signal strength telemetry, is compatible with the transmitters AT9 and AT10.


Two operating modes output:

 1) PWM output: Red LED indicates PWM mode, 6 channels totally.

 2) PPM output: Blue LED for PPM, CH1 output PPM signal, and channel 2 to channel 6 output independent PWM signal simultaneously(2 to 6 row pin output CH5 to CH10 PWM signal), 10 channels totally. 



 1. Power input: max 6V

 2. Current consumption: 38-45mA (Input voltage:5V)

 3. Size:25*16mm

 4. Weight: 3.9 grams, never burden to your drones.

 5. Top speed response:3ms for all channels parallel.

 6. Top precision:4096, 0.25us every bit insure every servo stable.

 7. Control distance: 600 meters air, or even farther beyond your sight, depends on your flying environment.