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Why there's the OLDTONEW?

As RadioLink team has been doing our best to provide better products to our customers, many old models are upgraded while some have been stopped production and are not compatible with the newly launched ones. In order to make our old friends to enjoy our new products as well, here is the OLD TO NEW!


What's new about the NEW T8FB?


Click to know more about NEW T8FB.



Which old RadioLink products can be changed to NEW T8FB?


2. T8FB without USB port




How much does it cost to change from OLD TO NEW?

$39.99 with freight cost included.

The whold pack of the NEW T8FB includes a radio T8FB, a receiver R8EF, an OTG cable. an accessory(to return throttle back to center)

Note This price is ONLY for RadioLink AliExpress Global.

If you are from U.S, interested in this OLDTONEW and prefer placing order in Amazon, please follow Facebook homepage and send mail with details listed below .


How to change from OLD TO NEW?

1/ Follow RadioLink Facebook homepage and AliExpress Official

2/ Send a mail to, including the information as below

A. Your name (to make note when you place order)

B. Facebook account link (which you follow RadioLink homepage)

C. The picture of you, holding the old RadioLink product that listed (T4EU/T4EU-6/T6EHP-E/T6EHP-S/T7F/T8FB without USB port)

D. Your preferred mode (Mode 1 or Mode 2)

E. If your old product is old T8FB without USB port, please take photo of the barcode in the battery case as below(if applicable)


How long does this OLDTONEW promotion last?

Till 2019-08-31.


If you have any questions, feel free to send mails to .

Shenzhen RadioLink Electronic Ltd. reserves all rights to interpreate this OLDTONEW promotion.