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  • Name: Radiolink R4EH-G 4-CH 2.4G FHSS Receiver
  • Code: R4EH-G

Product Picture

Product Features

R4EH-G, Gyro integrated, bind to Radiolink TX RC3S, RC4G .



1. 2.4G 4channel receiver.

2.Gyro integrated.

3.Nice anti-interference.

4.Top response speed, 12ms only. Much better than the average 20ms.


Gyro Function:

Integrated Gyro, is used to assure the stability of cars when turning.



Keep on straight running even the cars get some mechanical phantom. If the steering wheel is released or returned to center, it can hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking. 


Gyro function can be enabled or disabled!

A. Gyro enabled

Gyro preset disabled, and it enters post indication status. There are two indicators on the receiver. The green one shows the receiver status and the red one is for gyro. When the led turns on, the gyro is enabled , and the led turns off, gyro disabled.

B. Gyro enabled forward

Cars can be drove forward and backward, gyro is enabled forward or backward correspondingly. Like the EP cars, different connection will make different direction, the gyro is ensured to be enable forward.

C. Gyro reverse

Same like a plane has reverse, car kit gyro has reverse as well. Only right set reverse gyro can act to correct.



1. Enable gyro

Press binding key three time (interval less than 1 second), the red LED will flash three time, indicating whether gyro is enabled.

2. Gyro sensitivity

Gyro sensitivity is predetermined to adjust by channel three (factory set VR function), turning the VR switch clockwise to raise sensitivity and anti-clockwise to decrease.

3. Gyro forward

When the gyro is enabled, pull the throttle trigger and then release (make sure the car stops running), turn the car right or left without changing steering wheel, if the servo will not follow with, it shows gyro is set backward. Press the binding switch one time less than 1 second, the LED flashes red once, gyro is changed to act forward.

4. Gyro reverse

Set the gyro forward, turn the car right or left to see whether gyro functions. The wheel will turn left when the car is turned right and the wheel turns right when the car is turned left. If the gyro acts counter, press the binding switch two time, the LED flashes two time fed, the gyro reverse is corrected. 



Technical Parameters



1. Channel: 4CH

2. Modulation mode: FHSS

3. Max input voltage: 10V

4. Current: 25-30 mA (voltage 5V)

5. Size: L×W×H=35×20×13