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  • Name: Radiolink R4EH-H 4-CH 2.4G FHSS Receiver
  • Code: R4EH-H

Product Picture

Product Features


R4EH-H, 2.4G 4channel receiver, FHSS. Use for Radiolink TX RC3S (Note: Cannot bind to RC4G).


1. FHSS anti-interference, better effect in performance. 

2. Top speed response, 12msonly, much better than others average 20ms .

3. True resolution2048, shake<0.5us ensures every servo act smooth and hold static.

4. Inverse insertion prevention. Wrong connect will be 0 in current, without any damage to receiver.

5.Control range covers 260 meters, and to be extended to 420meters.

6. Wide voltage input 4~10V, HV servo support.

7. Ergonomic design for easy assemble



Technical Parameters



1. Operational parameter

1.1 Output: 4CH, PWM

1.2. Voltage: 4~10V 

1.3. Current consumption:25-30mA(Input Voltage=5V)

1.4. Control range: Ground 260 METERS

2. Mechanical parameter

2.1. Size:L×W×H= 35×20×13 MM

2.2. Weight: 6 Grams

3. Performance parameter

3.1. RX Sensitivity: -104dBM (TX Voltage=30mW, stable distance reaches to 260 meters)

3.2. Bind width and channels:230KHz/1.2MHz/64CH

3.3. Modulation: GFSK/FHSS

3.4. Resolution: 2048, shake<0.5us 

3.5. Response: 12ms