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Gyro Integrated

Customizable Gyro Sensitivity



The integrated high-performance gyro adopts the software filter and PID algorithm, timely and precisely corrects the sensitivity and improves the stability.

Its good flexibility to different models and fields easily achieves professional performance even with drift cars.

Gyro sensitivity can be adjusted by the PS3 switch to maximize or minimize the gyro function.


































Real-time Built-In Telemetry of Model Battery Voltage




Telemetry is capable of RSSI, receiver, and model battery voltage.

RSSI and receiver voltage data will display once the binding is complete.

The model voltage will display by connecting the wire to the ESC, battery, and Telemetry port of receiver R8FG, no extra module is needed.

Telemetry of maximum 8S (33.6V) battery supported.












Subsidiary ID

Rescue, Towing, Parent-child Entertainment, and Friend Teaching in One Control




Capable of designating a subsidiary ID among multiple binding receivers to meet special needs such as long-distance rescue with model cars/boats.

Example of the use of the Subsidiary ID ①: Ship No. 1 is parked in the middle of the lake due to insufficient engine battery voltage. At this time, ship No. 2 can be switched to tow to rescue.

Example of the use of the Subsidiary ID Mode ②: After the No. 1 trailer consigns the No. 2 vehicle to the designated address. Switch the Subsidiary ID number of the remote control from No. 1 to No. 2 to control the No. 2 car, and let the No. 2 car reverse from the trailer.