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MiniPix Firmwares(Open Source Applicable)


Basing on the APM open source, RadioLink flight controller Mini Pix is developed with software algorithm of damping vibration and the hardware redesigned to achieve "Alt-hold at super low height" and "Stable flight at super high speed" so that Mini Pix is applicable to various of models including heli/fixed wing/multirotors/cars/boats and different fields such as transportation, agriculture, etc. As more and more overseas users have positive feedback about Mini Pix, the APM team approached us and we have provided them our hardware circuit and files in June, 2017. The APM team has developed the open source firmware basing on RadioLink Mini Pix hardware for the Mini Pix users.


Links & Screenshot about RadioLink engineer RadiolinkW submitting Mini Pix files


To flash firmware

If the RadioLink Mini Pix is used for development, it is advised to flash the APM open source firmware version 3.6.0 or above. If used for RC fun/building models, choose RadioLink firmware version downloaded in RadioLink Mission Planner. Comparing with the open source firmware, firmware developed by RadioLink has better syability with the software filter algorithm added.

A. Flash Open Source Firmware

Click to flash the firmware in the open source Mission Planner downloaded via:


B. Flash RadioLink Firmware

Click to flash the firmware in the Mission Planner specially developed by RadioLink downloaded via:


All interface protocol of RadioLink Mini Pix are the same as the open source Pix. Therefore, the parameters setup and usage are the same as the open source Pix.

1. Instruction Manual of RadioLink Mini Pix


2.Documents of Open Source Pix